Celebrate life with your favorite picture memories set to music!

A photo montage is a custom production featuring your most special photos. For celebrations like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quincineras, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, we recommend using pictures from baby and childhood years, and of family and friends.

For company celebrations, a photo montage is a wonderful way to feature company executives and special employees who work hard year round to keep the business rolling.

We digitally create your montage with appropriate background music, and present it in a moving and exciting presentation on a large screen, using the highest quality projection and audio equipment. Please note that this production works best in its projection format during the evening after dark, or in a room in which windows can be covered and lights dimmed.

We make it easy to organize your photos by providing you with an instruction sheet that tells you exactly what you should provide. Because many of your photos are irreplaceable, we recommend hand-delivering your photos to us, or sending them via traceable mail (UPS, FedEx, etc.). We provide a DVD version of your photo montage as your keepsake.