If a picture says a thousand words, how about the effective use of video? Video and visual aids can be the substance of your event, or simply add sparkle and excitement. We are specialists at customizing the tools and content that will both enhance your message and make your event memorable.

Projection/Screen Options. Projection is the most effective form of video presentation. There are solutions of all shapes and sizes that can be tailored to your budget, including screens and projectors for any sized event, and large screen simulcast throughout your room (or rooms), to show presenters and their visual aids larger than life.

Live Camera Use. Image Magnification (I-Mag) utilizes one or more broadcast quality cameras to shoot presenters, auction items, demonstrations, or processes that otherwise may be unclear for guests at the rear of a large facility, or viewing remotely.

Creative Content. Our creative range in presentation and video content is virtually limitless. From PowerPoint to full-scale video productions, we can customize our solutions to best convey your message.

Custom PowerPoint Presentations
Custom Multi-media Productions
Entrance Videos
Sponsor, Beneficiary, and Award Videos
Photo Montage Productions
Training and Informational Videos
Motivational Videos