Every venue presents a unique situation for lighting design. BKP Corporate maintains a state of the art inventory of ambient, stage, and party lighting to create the perfect mood throughout your event. We employ the industry's top event technicians and designers to produce the perfect lighting for your needs.

Conventional Lighting Fixtures. Conventional lighting is used for static effects, colors, and shapes, as well as general-purpose, no-frills lighting. Depending on your particular needs, lights can be arranged, colored, shaped, and mounted in a multitude of ways to optimize their effectiveness.

Intelligent Lighting. Intelligent lighting is used to produce dynamic, moving light. Depending on your needs, these lights can be programmed to either act subtly, gently fading, moving and changing color, or they can move and flash for a highly energetic "rock concert effect."

Trussing & Support. The most flexible and striking method of hanging lights is on a truss span that is either supported on large crank-up towers or hung from the ceiling. Trussing not only provides many options for our lighting designers, but also provides your event with a "big time" feel.

Design. Lighting design is an important aspect for any event utilizing a lighting system. Our designers must satisfy a balance of the available power, room and audience size, desired effect, and client budget with all mandatory technical criteria. Design also includes the creation of unique light shapes, including logos.